Bags and Rucksacks

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  • Crux 3G AK 47-X (2015)

    Crux 3G AK 47-X (2015)

    Light enduring construction with a minimalist design. A floating lid designed provides additional capacity. Ideal for classic climbing and mountaineering.
  • Crux 3G AK37 RT Rucksack

    Crux 3G AK37 RT Rucksack

    A light but solid rucksack for climbing, mountaineering, back country skiing and other activities that lesser bags wouldn't survive. Now with added roll top closure!
  • Crux 3G AK47 RT Rucksack

    Crux 3G AK47 RT Rucksack

    Designed for classic alpine mountaineering, it is small enough for shorter climbs yet big enough for multi-day routes.
  • Crux AX30 Alpine Rucksack

    Crux AX30 Alpine Rucksack

    A simple, lightweight and robust backpack with a fixed lid. A great climbing pack ideal for cragging and quick mountain routes
  • Crux AX40 Rucksack

    Crux AX40 Rucksack

    A fully featured alpine climbing backpack. A floating and removable lid gives additional capacity and loading versatility. A great bag for mountaineers.
  • Crux AX50 Rucksack

    Crux AX50 Rucksack

    An all-round all alpine backpack. Lightweight, strong and durable - 50 Litres with a floating lid for versatility summer or winter climbing
  • DMM Vector

    DMM Vector

    Superbly featured for easy loading and unloading, the freestanding Vector trad sack allows a quicker, faff-free start to your climbing day
  • DMM Zenith

    DMM Zenith

    Smooth profiled climbing sack for taking with you multi pitch rock climbing. Will take your approach shoes, lunch and extra layers with ease.
  • Petzl Bug Backpack

    Petzl Bug Backpack

    Great little backpack for single-day multi-pitch climbing - low bulk with a high position allowing an unobstructed carrying solution while climbing
Rucksacks, backpacks, day bags - whatever you call them, an essential bit of kit for getting your shiny mountain toys to the crag or mountain.  We have a selection of bags for mountaineers and climbers which are also suitable for most most mountain sports.  View our range of packs for day trips, overnighters and expeditions, not forgetting rope bags and dry bags!