Belay, Abseil & Ascenders

Get ropes under control with our range of Belay and Abseil devices.  Designed to be compatible with many modern ropes, allows effective paying out of rope and confident fall arresting not forgetting smooth lowering and abseiling back to the ground.
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DMM Bug Belay Device
The timeless DMM Bug. A simple elegant design that minimises the chance of mis-threading and provides consistent rope handling across a wide spectrum of ropes
DMM Figure of Eight Descender
An ultra-classic piece, generations of climbers have abseiled untold miles using a Figure of Eight descender. Go-to kit for group and centre use.
DMM Mantis Belay Device
A modern take on the classic belay device - compact and lightweight, it will work across a wide range of ropes. Ideal for indoor wall use and cragging
DMM Pivot Belay Device
Versatile, functional and innovative with a unique guide mode pivoting loop - A state-of-the-art belay device for alpine, winter and multi-pitch trad climbing
Compact and lightweight, an assisted braking belay device for the experienced climber optimised for 9.4mm to 10.3mm dynamic single rope
Petzl Ascension
Ergonomic handled ascender designed to facilitate the ascension of a rope. Simple and effective to use, available in left or right hand versions.
Petzl GRIGRI +
GRIGRI evolution - Assisted braking belay device for all single rope featuring steel reinforcement in high wear areas and anti-panic handle
Petzl Reverso 4 Belay Device
Ultra-lightweight hot-forged aluminium multi purpose belay/rappel device with braking adapted to different rope diameters
Petzl Verso Belay Device
Petzl's lightest belay device with adaptive rope technology, weighing only 57 grams this ultra compact design offers better braking on thinner ropes