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  • Beta Stick Sport V2

    Beta Stick Sport V2

    To help you get started on sport routes this extendable pole has a specially designed head that will allow you to clip a carabiner into the first or second bolt. Alternatively you can clip a toothbrush (not included) into a slot in the head such that you can easily brush down those grimy out-of-reach holds.
  • DMM Edge Chalk Bucket

    DMM Edge Chalk Bucket

    A chalk bucket from DMM. Stable and holds it shape well perfect for moving many times around mats and boulders
If crushing boulders with power or actually using technique is your thing, we have a plethora of bouldering pads to sit on to contemplate life and admire the views...  Rock shoes, boulder bags and some asthetically pleasing lifestyle clothing will help you catch the send train