Protect yourself from falls by combining a camming device with a flared or parllel crack.  From their Soviet origins in the 1930's, Cam's have come a way but the principle remains the same - load creating a rotational force allowing a single device the ablity to be placed in a number of cracks.  The latest offerings to the alter of trad include the DMM Dragons - fully featured using the most up to date camming tech available!     
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DMM Dragon Cam Size 1
Size 1 Dragon Cam, 20-33mm range. The purple ONE
DMM Dragon Cam Size 2
Size 2 Dragon Cam, 21-44mm range. The green machine
DMM Dragon Cam Size 3
Size 3 Dragon Cam, 29-50mm range. The red dragon
DMM Dragon Cam Size 4
Size 4 Dragon Cam, 38-64mm range. Golden placements
DMM Dragon Cam Size 5
Size 5 Dragon Cam, 50-85mm range. Big and blue
DMM Dragon Cam Size 6
Size 6 Dragon Cam, 68-114mm range. Silver for when you need loads of Dragon