Crash Pads

Bouldering is the distilled essence of climbing - you don't need much to get started but its nice to have something to land on when gravity trumps friction!  We have a range of boulder mats or crash pads in store to help cushion the effects of the big G, provide a bit of colour to your photos and a nifty portable couch.  Possibly the most versitile bits of kit we sell!   
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DMM Highball Boulder Mat
The hinged style Highball is an extremely popular pad with a great landing area
Five Ten Crash Pad
Five Ten and Organics team up to create a very nice lightweight bouldering mat
Moon Pluto Crash Pad
Named after the smallest "planet" in our solar system Pluto - stop your decent!
Petzl Alto Crashpad
Petzl bouldering mat providing the compromise between protection and bulk. Hingeless protection with buckle and zip closure
Petzl Cirro Crash Pad
Petzl's largest bouldering mat - One-piece hingeless design for maximum protection for your falls and top comfort for your rest.
Petzl Nimbo Pad
A back-up bouldering mat perfect for sit-starts and bridging between two crash pads. Fits inside your main crash pad