Crux is a small brand that develops and manufactures products purely for mountaineering. Started out in 2002 with just 5 products: 4 backpacks and a tent. Since then the crux range has grown, and today includes sleeping bags, down jackets and hardshells. Each product range remains quite small – usually only half a dozen styles at most –  targeting only climbing and closely-related activities.
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Crux 3G AK 47-X (2015)
Light enduring construction with a minimalist design. A floating lid designed provides additional capacity. Ideal for classic climbing and mountaineering.
Crux 3G AK37 RT Blue
A light but solid rucksack for climbing, mountaineering, back country skiing and other activities that lesser bags wouldn't survive. Now with added roll top closure!
Crux AX30
A simple, lightweight and robust backpack with a fixed lid. A great climbing pack ideal for cragging and quick mountain routes
Crux AX40
A fully featured alpine climbing backpack. A floating and removable lid gives additional capacity and loading versatility. A great bag for mountaineers.
Crux AX50
An all-round all alpine backpack. Lightweight, strong and durable - 50 Litres with a floating lid for versatility summer or winter climbing
Crux Dynatec Chalkbag
Light and strong. Over specified for a chalk bag. A Dynatec fabric vessel for your chalk.
Crux Kevlar Chalkbag
A kevlar chalkbag. Who doesn't need a kevlar chalkbag?
Crux Turbo Top Anthracite
Crux's lightest down garment with a water-resistant shell. Half zip, no hood.
Crux Turbo Top Orange
Crux's lightest down garment with a water-resistant shell. Half zip, no hood.