DMM Chimera Carabiner

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The ultimate in high performance, light weight, clean nosed biners. Perfectly suited to trad and alpine adventures where strength, weight and ease of use make a difference


Through evolution/revolution, DMM have progressed the Phantom to produce the Chimera carabiner.  A lightweight, clean nosed carabiner designed for maximum strength but with a minimum weight of 30g - hitting that sweet spot of usability. 

Ideally suited to trad and alpine adventures where a light rack of shiny bits adds to your chance of success.

DMM's signature I-beam construction sheds grams while retaining impressive strength. Security comes from a fully clean nose that reduces snagging, and is backed by a 9kN gate open rating.


  • Designed for maximum strength with minimum weight at 30g
  • Clean nose for snag-free clipping and unclipping
  • Quickdraws supplied on 8mm Dynatec with rubber keeper
Variant Strength (Gate Closed) Strength (Gate Open) Strength (Minor Axis) Gate Opening Weight
Chimera 23kN 9kN 7kN 22mm 30g



  • Brand: DMM