Passive Protection

The solid foundation that your trad climbing rack is built on.  Nuts and hexecentrics come in a variety of sizes to allow you to place them in most cracks to protect your ascent.  Selecting the right bit of protection for the right situation is a skill in itself, a task that is aided by manufacturers colour coding their climbing hardware by size.  Our range of nuts, stoppers and hexes covers the size range of protection available, using lightweight modern materials to help find that bombproof placement when you need it!     
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DMM HB Alloy Offset 7-11
Throw away the all other nuts! Well maybe not but this is a brilliant addition to any rack. Great for flared cracks.
DMM Micro Wallnuts 00-0.75
For those tiny cracks you, when nothing else will fit!
DMM Nutbuster
Simple, reliable and user friendly. The DMM Nutbuster, slimmed down at the tip to get into those hard to reach micros, a (removable) rubber handle for a good grip and less pain when battering nuts out. Also a handy 17mm spanner for tightening bolt nuts...
DMM Peenuts 1-5
Similar shaping to the HB alloy offsets, just smaller! Ideal for flared placements where standard nuts just don't quite fit
DMM Torque Nut
Inhumanly light and strong, the DMM Torque nuts take over where the Wallnuts finish.
DMM Torque Nut 1-4
Outrageously light and strong, the DMM Torque nuts take over where the Wallnuts finish. Get a couple together on your harness for the most musical 'ting ting ting' around
DMM Wallnuts 1-11
The complete family of Wallnuts sizes 1-11 - Make your second work for their ascent, place them all!
DMM Wallnuts 1-6
Sizes 1-6, the smallest six DMM whole size Wallnuts available! Size 4 is a personal favourite...
DMM Wallnuts 3-8
Sizes 3-8, The next size set up. A very useful range of nuts!
DMM Wallnuts 7-11
Sizes 7-11, A set of the largest sizes of DMM Wallnuts. For when you need big nuts