Accessories + Training Aids

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  • Beta Stick Sport V2

    Beta Stick Sport V2

    To help you get started on sport routes this extendable pole has a specially designed head that will allow you to clip a carabiner into the first or second bolt. Alternatively you can clip a toothbrush (not included) into a slot in the head such that you can easily brush down those grimy out-of-reach holds.
  • Crux Dynatec Chalkbag

    Crux Dynatec Chalkbag

    Light and strong. Over specified for a chalk bag. A Dynatec fabric vessel for your chalk.
  • DMM Bandolier

    DMM Bandolier

    A padded sling for the organisation of your rack at home, at the crag, on the crag and beyond. Great for efficient lead change over while multi pitch climbing
  • DMM Edge Chalk Bucket

    DMM Edge Chalk Bucket

    A chalk bucket from DMM. Stable and holds it shape well perfect for moving many times around mats and boulders
  • Petzl Fakir Crampon Bag

    Petzl Fakir Crampon Bag

    A PVC / Mesh combo for a carrying bag for crampons - protects your other kit from the points...
Chalkbags, chalk, brushes and cleaning products.  Small things that make a big difference.