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  • DMM Bug Belay Device

    DMM Bug Belay Device

    The timeless DMM Bug. A simple elegant design that minimises the chance of mis-threading and provides consistent rope handling across a wide spectrum of ropes
  • DMM Mantis Belay Device

    DMM Mantis Belay Device

    A modern take on the classic belay device - compact and lightweight, it will work across a wide range of ropes. Ideal for indoor wall use and cragging
  • DMM Pivot Belay Device

    DMM Pivot Belay Device

    Versatile, functional and innovative with a unique guide mode pivoting loop - A state-of-the-art belay device for alpine, winter and multi-pitch trad climbing
  • Petzl GRIGRI +

    Petzl GRIGRI +

    GRIGRI evolution - Assisted braking belay device for all single rope featuring steel reinforcement in high wear areas and anti-panic handle
  • Petzl GRIGRI 2

    Petzl GRIGRI 2

    Compact and lightweight, an assisted braking belay device for the experienced climber optimised for 9.4mm to 10.3mm dynamic single rope
  • Petzl Reverso 4 Belay Device

    Petzl Reverso 4 Belay Device

    Ultra-lightweight hot-forged aluminium multi purpose belay/rappel device with braking adapted to different rope diameters
  • Petzl Verso Belay Device

    Petzl Verso Belay Device

    Petzl's lightest belay device with adaptive rope technology, weighing only 57 grams this ultra compact design offers better braking on thinner ropes