Carabiners & Quickdraws

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  • DMM Alpha Trad Quickdraw

    DMM Alpha Trad Quickdraw

    Alpha Trad carabiners provide all year, all season functionality with rapid, secure clipping.
  • DMM Chimera Carabiner

    DMM Chimera Carabiner

    A lightweight carabiner perfectly balancing weight, strength and function.
  • DMM Revolver Carabiner

    DMM Revolver Carabiner

    Reduce rope drag on winding pitches with a carabiner with an integrated pulley
  • DMM Spectre 2 Quickdraw

    DMM Spectre 2 Quickdraw

    A fantastic best selling carabiner makes a fantastic best selling quickdraw. Who'd have thought?! Strong, light, versatile - just what your rack needs
  • DMM Thor Quickdraw

    DMM Thor Quickdraw

    A great all round carabiner with I-beam construction and an extra strong gate open rating. Robust and secure for trad, sport or winter climbing
  • Petzl Ange Finesse Quickdraw

    Petzl Ange Finesse Quickdraw

    Ultralight wire gate carabiners combined with 10mm Dyneema webbing to offer a climbing quickdraws with excellent strength to weight ratios
  • Petzl Ange L Carabiner

    Petzl Ange L Carabiner

    Functional size, optimised clipping - only 34 grams. A wire gate carabiner for all lightweight rock climbing or fast and light alpine enthusiasts
  • Petzl Ange S Carabiner

    Petzl Ange S Carabiner

    Ultralight clean nosed carabiner, distinctive Petzl MonoFil Keylock gate. Fast, light and compact for those looking to save grams and space

Carabiners or Karabiners (Krabs, Crabs or biners for short...) from the German Karabinerhaken are an incredibly versatile metal loop(s) with spring loaded gate.  Designed for quickly and securely connecting components, their uses in climbing are numerous - reflected in the amount of variation in climbing carabiner design.

Solid-Gate Carabiners
The opening of these carabiners has a 'solid' bar gate.  Available with either a straight gate for clipping into anchors (bolts or placed protection) also commonly used for racking gear, they are also available with a bent gate which normally reserved for the rope end of a quickdraw allow easier clipping - which helps when you need it!  Though heavier, solid gate biners are great for durability, ideal for repeated attempts while working a bolted sport route. 

Wiregate Carabiners
Replacing the solid gate of a carabiner with a loop stainless steel wire helps to decrease overall weight of the carabiner and also allows for a larger gate opening.  Wiregates are also less likely to freeze closed in wet, cold weather making them a good choice for Scottish winter climbing.

Carabiner Nose
There is variation in the design of the 'nose' of the carabiner (where the non-hinged end of the gate makes contact with the carabiner).  Wiregate and older styled solid-gate carabiners normally have a hook that 'catches' the gate when closed to complete the loop and allows for and provides the full carabiner strength.  A keylock gate uses the geometry of the end of the gate to fit over a cleaner nose creating stronger and snag free carabiner nose.

Also known as extenders, quickdraws are the way that climbers attach their rope to protection (bolts or leader placed).  Consisting of two carabiners connected with a dyneema or nylon sling which vary in width and length.  Carrying a number of different lengths of quickdraw allows the climber to help reduce rope drag by avoiding sharp changes in rope direction.