Climbing Shoes

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  • La Sportiva Kataki

    La Sportiva Kataki

    A wider fitting performance climbing shoe for steep rock with small edges
  • La Sportiva Katana

    La Sportiva Katana

    Performing well across the disciplines, balancing sensitivity and precision with comfort and yellow.
  • La Sportiva Maverink

    La Sportiva Maverink

    Supporting the instinctive movements of young developing climbers with no-edge technology.
  • La Sportiva Miura

    La Sportiva Miura

    A high performance lace-up climbing shoe for edging control and pocket climbing performance
  • La Sportiva Otaki

    La Sportiva Otaki

    Stiff and supportive yet on the aggressive end of the 'all round climbing shoe' category. Great for edges and precise toe power
  • La Sportiva Woman's Otaki

    La Sportiva Woman's Otaki

    An aggressive all-rounder with a stiffer sole, performing exceptionally on steep edges and pockets
  • Scarpa Maestro

    Scarpa Maestro

    The Maestro has a straight and slightly downturned shape with a medium-to-low angled toe box. It’s designed for multi-pitch and big wall climbing.
  • Scarpa Vapour V

    Scarpa Vapour V

    The asymmetric, moderately down turned shape offers great instant comfort, fantastic for sport and bouldering but at home cruising up trad routes
Climbing Shoes for Trad Climbing