Climbing Shoes

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  • Five Ten Dragon

    Five Ten Dragon

    The ultimate bouldering shoe, the Dragon’s aggressive downturn, low-profile toe box, supportive platform cement its place as an all-around, high-performance shoe. Was £110 Now £88
  • La Sportiva Genius

    La Sportiva Genius

    No edge technology married to the comfort and precision of La Sportiva lace up models.
  • La Sportiva Kataki

    La Sportiva Kataki

    A wider fitting performance climbing shoe for steep rock with small edges
  • La Sportiva Katana

    La Sportiva Katana

    Performing well across the disciplines, balancing sensitivity and precision with comfort and yellow.
  • La Sportiva Maverink

    La Sportiva Maverink

    Supporting the instinctive movements of young developing climbers with no-edge technology.
  • La Sportiva Miura

    La Sportiva Miura

    A high performance lace-up climbing shoe for edging control and pocket climbing performance
  • La Sportiva Miura VS Velcro

    La Sportiva Miura VS Velcro

    A high performance climbing shoe with a hook-and-loop closure system for amazing edging control and pocket climbing performance.
  • La Sportiva Miura VS Womens

    La Sportiva Miura VS Womens

    Top end shoe excelling at edging, small pockets and crack performance. Lower volume for women and men with narrower shaped feet
  • La Sportiva Otaki

    La Sportiva Otaki

    Stiff and supportive yet on the aggressive end of the 'all round climbing shoe' category. Great for edges and precise toe power
  • La Sportiva Solution

    La Sportiva Solution

    A high performance climbing shoe purposely built to provide the solution for modern bouldering problems.
  • La Sportiva Woman's Otaki

    La Sportiva Woman's Otaki

    An aggressive all-rounder with a stiffer sole, performing exceptionally on steep edges and pockets
  • Scarpa Instinct SR

    Scarpa Instinct SR

    The renewed version of the legendary Instinct slipper. Ideal for high performance bouldering indoor and out.
  • Scarpa Maestro

    Scarpa Maestro

    The Maestro has a straight and slightly downturned shape with a medium-to-low angled toe box. It’s designed for multi-pitch and big wall climbing.
  • Scarpa Vapour V

    Scarpa Vapour V

    The asymmetric, moderately down turned shape offers great instant comfort, fantastic for sport and bouldering but at home cruising up trad routes
We have a range of rock boots suitable for a range of rock climbing disciplines from bouldering and sport climbing to all day trad routes.   

Rock climbing shoes should have a snug fit, with more technical or aggressive climbing shoes being traditionally more uncomfortable but they shouldn't be painful!  The fit varies from brand to brand, shoe to shoe so trying them on before buying is best, a close second is being able to swap them for no extra cost.  If you can't make it into our store in Dunkeld and buy from us online, (as long as they haven’t been climbed in) we will swap wrong sizes and ill-fits free of charge.  Any questions or issues just give us a call.