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  • Petzl Fakir Crampon Bag

    Petzl Fakir Crampon Bag

    A PVC / Mesh combo for a carrying bag for crampons - protects your other kit from the points...
  • Petzl Irvis Crampons

    Petzl Irvis Crampons

    Lightweight 10 Point Crampons with anti-balling for ski-touring, glacier travel and easy winter walking.
  • Petzl Sarken Crampons

    Petzl Sarken Crampons

    Technical mountaineering 14 point crampons with T-shaped front points. Ideal for Scottish winter climbing through mixed terrain and onto the ice
  • Petzl Sarken Front Section

    Petzl Sarken Front Section

    Compatible with all Petzl crampons - Petzl Sarken front section as a replacement or to transform crampons into technical mountaineering crampons
  • Petzl Vasak Front Section

    Petzl Vasak Front Section

    Compatible with all Petzl crampons - Petzl Vasak front section as a replacement or to transform crampons into classic mountaineering crampons
Crampons attach to boots to improve mobility on snow and ice.  Though varied in design and use they can be split into 3 main categories;

Walking (C1) Crampons
Lightweight, flexible 8-10 point crampons designed for walking, trekking, ski touring/mountaineering and other non-technical winter approach.  Due to the front point design (if there is any) these crampons are most effective on snowy level ground and become less useful the harder and steeper the ground gets.  Will fit on most boots though best worn with stiffer B1 boots

Mountaineering (C2) Crampons
Articulated 10-12 point crampons including front points.  The most versatile crampon category covering everything from winter walking through to ice climbing (at least) Scottish winter VI.  Many attachment systems are available with C2 crampons.  Wear with B2 rated boots (or stiffer..)

Steep Ice / Mixed (C3) Crampons
Designed for steep water ice and hard technical mixed climbing.  Very aggressive vertical front points provide the best penetration on hard ice.  For use only with B3 stiff-as-they-come boots.

Crampons can attach to your boots in a number of ways, which way will depend on your boots and what you will be using them for.

Step-In Bindings
A wire toe bail with a heel clip - secure vibration free with a low profile at the toe.  Will only fit boots with both heel and toe welts.  Best suited for hard climbing.

Hybrid Bindings  (Semi Step-In)
Heel clip as with step in bindings but with a toe basket / cage with a binding strap.  Offers a very secure fit, only rear welt is required on boots at the expense of slightly more bulk at the toe.  Suitable all types of climbing and walking.

Strap On Bindings
Modern strap on crampons feature plastic and webbing baskets for both heel and toe.  Simple and quick to fit they are ideally suited to winter walking, trekking and expeditions.  They will fit most boots but are less secure in the heel so aren't the best for steeper terrain.