Crash Pads

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  • DMM Highball Boulder Mat

    DMM Highball Boulder Mat

    The hinged style Highball mat is an extremely popular pad with a great landing zone. A bright bouldering mat with great coverage for good landings
  • Five Ten Crash Pad

    Five Ten Crash Pad

    Five Ten and Organics team up to create a very nice lightweight bouldering mat
  • Petzl Nimbo Pad

    Petzl Nimbo Pad

    A back-up bouldering mat perfect for sit-starts and bridging between two crash pads. Fits inside your main crash pad
Bouldering is the distilled essence of climbing - you don't need much to get started but its nice to have something to land on when gravity trumps friction!  We have a range of boulder mats or crash pads in store to help cushion the effects of the big G, provide a bit of colour to your photos and a nifty portable couch.  Possibly the most versitile bits of kit we sell!