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DMM Alpha Sport Quickdraw

The epic DMM Alpha Pro and Clip Carabiners connected with a variable width sling. Light enough for onsighting, sturdy enough for a siege.

The Alpha Sport is the perfect quickdraw to ensure that a fumble clip isn't the cause for a failed redpoint attempt.  A Vari-width quickdraw with an Alpha Pro carabiner at one end, Alpha Clip carabiner at the other makes up one of the best quickdraw sets you can buy! 

Much like the DMM Alpha Trad, easy clipping was obviously a priority in the design - the well thought-out ergonomic kinked back handles extremely well while the bent gate practically clips itself while discouraging accidental unclipping.   Robust and strong enough to cope with the repeated redpoint attempts that sport climbing generates, it has 'solid' rope bearing areas and sensible solid gates for increased durability.


  • The ultimate solid gate, sport climbing biner
  • Strong and lightweight I-Beam construction
  • Safer, deeper rope basket
  • Easy to handle, grippy shape for quick, easy and safe clipping and stripping
  • Generous 8.5mm rope radius
  • Clean nose profile to reduce snagging
  • Vari-width logo webbing
  • Injection-moulded keeper on quickdraw – ensuring the biner is easy to clip and correctly aligned, and that the webbing is protected from abrasion
Variant Strength (Gate Closed) Strength (Gate Open) Strength (Minor Axis) Gate Opening Weight
Alpha Pro 24kN 9kN 8kN 22mm 46g
Alpha Clip 24kN 9kN 8kN 25mm 47g
Alpha Sport 12cm QD - - - - 104g
Alpha Sport 18cm QD - - - - 109g
Alpha Sport 25cm QD - - - - 114g
Weight 0.522kg
Brand DMM