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DMM Boa Carabiner

A large locking carabiner perfect for rigging and use as a central connection point . With drop-forged I-beam construction its pretty light too!

One of the great rigging carabiners of our time - large enough to accommodate at least two large 11mm clove hitches and has a wide (25mm) gate opening.  Due to its drop forged, I-beam construction, DMM have managed to reduce the weight by almost 25% when compared to the original Boa.  As with other DMM carabiners, the shape and function has been well done allowing easy handling even in gloves making it appealing for winter climbing, rock climbing and centre use.



  • Large clean nose HMS locking biner
  • Ideal for rigging; can accommodate multiple knots
  • Wide clean nosed gate opening makes rigging multiple ropes and slings easy
  • Large gate opening
  • Asymmetric shape sits naturally in the hand for great ergonomics
  • Easy to handle in gloves
  • Strong I-Beam construction to save weight (almost 25% reduction)
Variant Strength (Gate Closed) Strength (Gate Open) Strength (Minor Axis) Gate Opening Weight
Boa Screwgate 25kN 8kN 10kN 25mm 83g

Weight 0.086kg
Brand DMM