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  • DMM  Wallnut

    DMM Wallnut

    Colour coded wired nuts, passive protection with low weight and high strength. A carefully designed shape to help with quickly getting good placements. From £10....
  • DMM Alpha Sport Quickdraw

    DMM Alpha Sport Quickdraw

    The epic DMM Alpha Pro and Clip Carabiners connected with a variable width sling. Light enough for onsighting, sturdy enough for a siege.
  • DMM Alpha Trad Carabiner

    DMM Alpha Trad Carabiner

    A full size carabiner with leader placed protection in mind. Fumble free, easy to use, anti-snag carabiner for traditional rock climbing
  • DMM Alpha Trad Quickdraw

    DMM Alpha Trad Quickdraw

    Alpha Trad carabiners provide all season functionality with rapid, secure clipping. The DMM Alpha Trad quickdraw, available in 3 lengths.
  • DMM Ascent Helmet

    DMM Ascent Helmet

    A comfortable and easy to adjust climbing helmet with a wide size range. Simple lightweight and strong head protection from DMM
  • DMM Ascent Helmet (Kids)

    DMM Ascent Helmet (Kids)

    A smaller version of the Ascent helmet. Same great features as the adult big-head version - a mighty helmet for mini heads.
  • DMM Bandolier

    DMM Bandolier

    A padded sling for aiding the organisation of your rack at home, at the crag, on the crag and beyond. Great for efficient lead change over while multi pitch climbing
  • DMM Belay Master 2 Carabiner

    DMM Belay Master 2 Carabiner

    Belay carabiner that helps maintain correct alignment. A very safe and strong belay carabiner, ideal for beginners, groups and centres.
  • DMM Boa Carabiner

    DMM Boa Carabiner

    A large locking carabiner perfect for rigging and use as a central connection point . With drop-forged I-beam construction its pretty light too!
  • DMM Brenin Harness

    DMM Brenin Harness

    A traditional styled centre 44mm webbing harness. Tough and durable, simple to use with a fantastic range of fit - perfect for centre and group use
  • DMM Bridge Sling

    DMM Bridge Sling

    A short connecting sling that connects a sit harness with a chest harness for ease and speed. Available in small and large sizes
  • DMM Bug Belay Device

    DMM Bug Belay Device

    The timeless DMM Bug. A simple elegant design that minimises the chance of mis-threading and provides consistent rope handling across a wide spectrum of ropes
  • DMM Bulldog

    DMM Bulldog

    For frozen turf, thin icy cracks and marginal ice smears - your new best friend...
  • DMM Centre Alpine Harness

    DMM Centre Alpine Harness

    A centre climbing harness with a huge range of fit. High central tie in point, tough 44mm webbing construction available with ABS buckles
  • DMM Ceros Carabiner

    DMM Ceros Carabiner

    Minimise the risk of cross-loading your carabiner while belaying with the Ceros directional belay carabiner with an internal wire gate.
  • DMM Chest Harness

    DMM Chest Harness

    Increase the height of the tie-in point of a harness helping to prevent inversion in fall situations, extra safety for group and centre users
  • DMM Chimera Carabiner

    DMM Chimera Carabiner

    A compact and lightweight yet high performance carabiner. Perfectly suited to trad and alpine adventures where strength and weight make a difference
  • DMM Cirque Ice Axe

    DMM Cirque Ice Axe

    DMM’s classic walking and mountaineering axe with T-rated pick. Was £90.00 Now £72.00
  • DMM Couloir 8.0mm Rope

    DMM Couloir 8.0mm Rope

    Lightweight half ropes for mountain use. Dry treated for improved life and reduced drag. Exceptional water repellency and abrasion resistance
  • DMM Crux 9.1mm Rope

    DMM Crux 9.1mm Rope

    Triple certification for use as a single rope, half rope or twin. For when you need low weight, superb handling and top flight performance are required
  • DMM Deadman

    DMM Deadman

    Protection wizardry for snowy gullies and other sparse snow filled situations
  • DMM Dragon Cam Size 6

    DMM Dragon Cam Size 6

    Size 6 Dragon Cam, 68-114mm range. Silver for when you need loads of Dragon
  • DMM Edge Chalk Bucket

    DMM Edge Chalk Bucket

    A chalk bucket from DMM. Stable and holds it shape well perfect for moving many times around mats and boulders
  • DMM Figure of Eight Descender

    DMM Figure of Eight Descender

    An ultra-classic piece, generations of climbers have abseiled untold miles using a Figure of Eight descender. Go-to kit for group and centre use.
  • DMM Flight 45L Bag

    DMM Flight 45L Bag

    A Sport climbing specific sack sized to give you maximum carrying capacity and still fit on airline hand luggage
  • DMM Fly Ice Axe

    DMM Fly Ice Axe

    The iconic DMM Fly - all-round climbing axe for walking, mountaineering and ice climbing
  • DMM Freedom Leash

    DMM Freedom Leash

    Enjoy the benefits and freedom of leashless climbing without the risk of losing your tools.
  • DMM Grippy Grip Tape

    DMM Grippy Grip Tape

    Customise your shaft with some rubbery grip tape - ideal for any winter tool
  • DMM HB Alloy Offset Set 7-11

    DMM HB Alloy Offset Set 7-11

    Throw away the all other nuts! Well maybe not but this is a brilliant addition to any rack. Great for flared cracks.
  • DMM Highball Boulder Mat

    DMM Highball Boulder Mat

    The hinged style Highball mat is an extremely popular pad with a great landing zone. A bright bouldering mat with great coverage for good landings
  • DMM Mantis Belay Device

    DMM Mantis Belay Device

    A modern take on the classic belay device - compact and lightweight, it will work across a wide range of ropes. Ideal for indoor wall use and cragging
  • DMM Maverick 2 Harness

    DMM Maverick 2 Harness

    Was £53 Now £40 Lightweight all year round harness with a small pack size. Well balanced between durability, function and weight. Suited to most climbing activities
  • DMM Mithril Harness

    DMM Mithril Harness

    A lightweight year round harness with adjustable leg loops - a great design for everything from all day mountaineering to afternoon sport climbing sessions
  • DMM Nutbuster

    DMM Nutbuster

    Simple, reliable and user friendly. The DMM Nutbuster for battering nuts out. Also a handy 17mm spanner for tightening bolt nuts...
  • DMM Orbit 9.6mm Rope

    DMM Orbit 9.6mm Rope

    Looking for one dynamic single rope to use on everything? Look no further than the Orbit 9.6mm. ThermoControl and Dry treated for year round use
  • DMM Peenut Set 1-5

    DMM Peenut Set 1-5

    Similar shaping to the HB alloy offsets, just smaller! Ideal for flared placements where standard nuts just don't quite fit
  • DMM Phantom Carabiner

    DMM Phantom Carabiner

    Very light, very strong and very usable. DMM's lightest screwgate carabiner with a clean nose, weighing in at only 42g. A fantastic little biner...
  • DMM Pitch 8.5mm Rope

    DMM Pitch 8.5mm Rope

    Half ropes for all year round climbing from damp sea cliffs to Himalayan peaks. Light and supple for great handling but also durable for increased life span
  • DMM Pitcher Rope Bag

    DMM Pitcher Rope Bag

    Its a rope bag, a stuff sack or even a snag free haul bag on bigger routes. Versatile with removable shoulder straps
  • DMM Pivot Belay Device

    DMM Pivot Belay Device

    Versatile, functional and innovative with a unique guide mode pivoting loop - A state-of-the-art belay device for alpine, winter and multi-pitch trad climbing
  • DMM Puma 2 Harness

    DMM Puma 2 Harness

    The DMM Renegade’s feature set with the women-specific fit and distinctive styling make this a comfortable and supremely functional harness.
  • DMM Renegade 2 Harness

    DMM Renegade 2 Harness

    A solid all rounder; a clever design that works across the full range of climbing disciplines: from cragging and winter climbing to big alpine routes.
  • DMM Revolver Carabiner

    DMM Revolver Carabiner

    Reduce rope drag on winding pitches with a carabiner with an integrated pulley. A lightweight with a wire gate and I-beam construction
  • DMM Rhino Carabiner

    DMM Rhino Carabiner

    Distinctive, strong and compact personal belay carabiner that greatly helps with the correct loading while discouraging twisting and cross loading.
  • DMM Spectre 2 Carabiner

    DMM Spectre 2 Carabiner

    Combining impressive specs, a beautiful design and incredible versatility, the Spectre 2 is the staple for climbers building up their racks.
  • DMM Spectre 2 Quickdraw

    DMM Spectre 2 Quickdraw

    A fantastic best selling carabiner makes a fantastic best selling quickdraw. Who'd have thought?! Strong, light, versatile - just what your rack needs
  • DMM Statement 10mm Rope

    DMM Statement 10mm Rope

    Tough, durable rope that doesn't compromise on handling. Ideal for trips to the wall or shorter sport climbs. 10mm for much usage.
  • DMM Super Big Jim 10.5mm Rope

    DMM Super Big Jim 10.5mm Rope

    DMM's most durable dynamic rope. A climbing rope designed for climbing walls constructed to withstand the high demands placed on equipment
  • DMM Super Couloir Harness

    DMM Super Couloir Harness

    Was £50 Now £40 A functional webbing harness for winter mountaineering and ice climbing. Low profile, lightweight, feature packed with a small pack size
  • DMM Terrier

    DMM Terrier

    The terrier - small but not without teeth...
  • DMM Thor Carabiner

    DMM Thor Carabiner

    A burly all round carabiner that can take anything you throw at it; bolts, trad, summer, winter. The clever design features reduce rope wear and aid a softer catch
  • DMM Thor Quickdraw

    DMM Thor Quickdraw

    A great all round carabiner with I-beam construction and an extra strong gate open rating. Robust and secure for trad, sport or winter climbing
  • DMM Torque Nut

    DMM Torque Nut

    Nice and light but also strong, the DMM Torque nuts take over where the Wallnuts finish. Compliments your set of cams
  • DMM Torque Nut Set 1-4

    DMM Torque Nut Set 1-4

    Outrageously light and strong, the DMM Torque nuts take over where the Wallnuts finish. Get a couple together on your harness for the most musical 'ting ting ting' around
  • DMM Ultra O Locking Carabiner

    DMM Ultra O Locking Carabiner

    The perfect locker for use with pulley systems, swivels and shackles. Ideal for systems where stability under load is critical.
  • DMM Venture Harness

    DMM Venture Harness

    A versatile climbing harness designed for women. Lightweight with adjustable leg loops, an all purpose harness for across the climbing disciplines
  • DMM Vertesse Harness

    DMM Vertesse Harness

    Was £62 now £35 A lightweight design and construction makes the Woman's Vertesse harness highly flexible while climbing but allows a small pack size for the walk off.
  • DMM Viper 2 Harness

    DMM Viper 2 Harness

    A great all round harness for climbers new to the sport but also experienced climbers looking for a comfortable everyday harness
  • DMM Wallnut Set 1-6

    DMM Wallnut Set 1-6

    Sizes 1-6, the smallest six DMM whole size Wallnuts available! Size 4 is a personal favourite...
  • DMM Wallnut Set 7-11

    DMM Wallnut Set 7-11

    Sizes 7-11, A set of the largest sizes of DMM Wallnuts. For when you need big nuts
  • DMM Wallnuts Set 1-11

    DMM Wallnuts Set 1-11

    The complete family of Wallnuts sizes 1-11 - Make your second work for their ascent, place them all!
  • DMM Worksafe Plus Static Rope

    DMM Worksafe Plus Static Rope

    A low stretch rope for rigging and access. Extra durable and resistant to wear while maintaining function. Available in three diameters
  • DMM Zenith

    DMM Zenith

    Smooth profiled climbing sack for taking with you multi pitch rock climbing. Will take your approach shoes, lunch and extra layers with ease.
  • DMM Zone 9.8mm Rope

    DMM Zone 9.8mm Rope

    A lightweight single cliimbing rope with an emphasis on performance. Ideal for sport but versatile enough to comfortably handle trad adventures

Founded in 1981 as Moorhouse Engineering in Bethesda, soon to become DMM and move to more suitable premises in Llanberis in 1986, the company celebrated 30 years of manufacturing in 2011. In 1981 the company employed just 4 people, and now thirty years later we are an important employer in this area with just over 150 men and women on payroll.

The original premise of the founding Directors was to make the best possible equipment at the best price. A simple premise you might think, but one that has remained central to our thinking over the intervening years, and one that has spurred us on to continue to develop and innovate, to bring unique and world leading products to the market.

From the very outset the company has developed products in two main areas; Recreational Climbing and Mountaineering has developed alongside products aimed more at the more Industrial markets. Both areas compliment each other and the areas of overlap benefit both sides.