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DMM Crux 9.1mm Rope

Triple certificatied, dry treated rope for use in any climbing environment. A low weight, superb handling and top flight performance for hard red points and long alpine routes

Ideal for pushing boundaries across all seasons and terrains; everything from red-pointing sport routes at your limit to fast alpine ascents. The triple certification gives the Crux the flexibility to be used in twin, half and single rope systems for ultimate versatility. 

Meeting the UIAA dry treatment standard - absorbs less than 5% of its total weight in water after light abrasion and 15 minutes of soaking.   As well as limiting the weight it can gain through resisting water absorption, it will freeze less in winter conditions and extend the ropes lifespan by protecting more against dirt and grit.


Crux Rope Features

  • Superlight, high performance single rope
  • UIAA Dry treated for year round use, improved life and less drag
  • ThermoControl treatment for superb handling and stability
  • Triple Certified: Twin, Half, and Single
  • Two colour-ways for effective guiding with clients
Diameter (mm) g/m Falls Imp Force (kN) % Sheath
 9.1  54
5 (single)
20 (half)
22 (twin)
8.6 (single)
6.9 (half)
10.6 (twin)
Weight 1.96kg
Brand DMM