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DMM Freedom Leash | Ice Climbing | Leashless Winter Mountaineering

DMM Freedom Leash

Enjoy the benefits and freedom of leashless climbing without the risk of losing your tools.
Perfect for both beginner and advanced climbers tackling long committing routes and all-round winter climbing.

At one end, the oversize attachment loop allows easy larks-footing to your harness. The loops at the end of each tether allow a small connector to be used to attach the leash to your axes. Half way down each tether you will notice a small clip in point, so what is that all about? Even though these leashes are not rated as PPE, and only have a marked breaking strength of 2kN, they have been witnessed holding small body weight ‘slumps’: Think crampon points sneaking off that edge and the climber’s weight coming on to the axes, whilst the hands come off the handles… now you have a fully extended leash and you cannot reach your tools. Rather than hand over hand up the slim tether, simply place a quickdraw in the mid point loop and gingerly pull up to reunite yourself with your axes, gather yourself, and push on.

Top Tip- Leashes are more likely to accidently part with your axes if you have a metal-on-metal junction. We’d recommend using a small section of 5/6mm cord securely tied into a loop through the spike of the axe to allow rotation and decrease the chances accidental unclipping.

NB: This item is purely intended as a leash to prevent dropping your tools- At no point must it be relied upon to provide security e.g for use in a belay.

Freedom Leash Features

  • Available on its own or with 2 x Phantoms (Red+Green)
Variant Length Weight
Freedom Leash * 42g
Freedom Leash/Phantom Pack * 94g
Weight 0.1kg
Brand DMM