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DMM Tom Kitten Full Body (kids)


“Daddy/mummy, can I go climbing today?” Yes you can


“Daddy/mummy, can I go climbing today?” – these are words that any climbing parent will know. More and more kids are getting into climbing, so non-climbing parents may also be hearing the same words spoken by young Johnny or Jennifer.

But which type of harness should you get for your son or daughter?

A full body harness makes sense with smaller children as it gives an added degree of security and safety in fall situations. The higher tie in point reduces the chance of inversion. The shoulder straps also eliminate the possibility of the child sliding out of the harness.

A kid’s harness must give a comfortable fit over a large range of body shapes and sizes. DMM spent a lot of time tweaking the Tom Kitten to make sure that they got this just right. Even fitting it with padded floating leg loops which can be moved into the optimum position for comfort, regardless of the size of the child.

Tom Kitten Features

  • Children’s full body harness
  • Slide Lock buckle system to give a secure fit with stacks of adjustment potential
  • Padded floating leg loops
  • Colour coded tie in loops
  • Gear loop
  • Suitable for children up to 40kg
Variant Size Waist (cm) Waist (in) Leg (cm) Leg (in) Weight
Tom Kitten one 30-62 19-24 23-55 9-22 330g



Primary Use All Climbing
Equipment Type Full Body Harness
Brand DMM


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