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DMM Ultra O Carabiner | Oval Locking Biner | Locksafe | Rope Rescue

DMM Ultra O Locking Carabiner

The perfect locker for use with pulley systems, swivels and shackles. Ideal for systems where stability under load is critical.

The Ultra O is a full size oval carabiner that has become the carabiner of choice for aborists because of its high strength, low weigh and stable loading characteristics.  The symmetrical shape is slightly larger than normal allowing equipment to sit centrally and not shift under load whilst also allowing user to stack equipment on either side. 

The class leading strength to weight ratio provided by the I-Beam construction also provides a solid aid climbing carabiner.  If multi-day ascents aren't your thing, at some point you might need a pulley system, most likely in a rescue situation - oval biners come into their own, allowing pulleys to sit in a correctly loaded and equalised position.  

The symmetrical shape also stops them shifting under load and potentially dislodging a marginal gear placement. The locking gate adds a final element of security to the system.

  • Oval shaped locking biner
  • Ideal for pulley systems and aid climbing
  • Strong and lightweight I-Beam construction
  • Generous rope radius
Variant Strength (Gate Closed) Strength (Gate Open) Strength (Minor Axis) Gate Opening Weight
Ultra O Screwgate 25kN 7kN 12kN 22mm 65g
Ultra O Quicklock 25kN 7kN 12kN 22mm 72g
Ultra O Locksafe 25kN 7kN 12kN 22mm 73g
Weight 0.067kg
Brand DMM