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  • DMM Mithril Harness

    DMM Mithril Harness

    A lightweight year round harness with adjustable leg loops - a great design for everything from all day mountaineering to afternoon sport climbing sessions
  • DMM Puma 2 Harness

    DMM Puma 2 Harness

    The DMM Renegade’s feature set with the women-specific fit and distinctive styling make this a comfortable and supremely functional harness.
  • DMM Super Couloir Harness

    DMM Super Couloir Harness

    Was £50 Now £40 A functional webbing harness for winter mountaineering and ice climbing. Low profile, lightweight, feature packed with a small pack size
  • DMM Venture Harness

    DMM Venture Harness

    A versatile climbing harness designed for women. Lightweight with adjustable leg loops, an all purpose harness for across the climbing disciplines
  • DMM Viper 2 Harness

    DMM Viper 2 Harness

    A great all round harness for climbers new to the sport but also experienced climbers looking for a comfortable everyday harness
  • Petzl Adjama Harness

    Petzl Adjama Harness

    A high performance climbing harness with adjustable leg loops. Perfect for the climber who wants a single harness for all styles of climbing
  • Petzl Altitude Harness

    Petzl Altitude Harness

    Ultra-lightweight (LESS THAN 200 GRAMS!) mountaineering/ski harness that can be donned with feat on the ground (or skis)
  • Petzl Corax Harness

    Petzl Corax Harness

    A great entry to intermediate level harness that performs well across a fantastic range of vertically challenging pursuits from rock climbing to via ferrata
  • Petzl Hirundos Harness

    Petzl Hirundos Harness

    A high-end lightweight yet comfortable harness designed for performance climbing. Ideal for hard climbing on rock and ice
  • Petzl Luna Harness

    Petzl Luna Harness

    A high performance specific climbing harness with adjustable leg loops. Perfect for the climber who wants a single harness for all styles of climbing
The conditions you will encounter when winter mountaineering and ice climbing are in a word... colder.  You will also be likely to be carrying more equipment probably for longer.  Harnesses designed with winter climbing in mind reflect these demands. 

As you will be wearing more (and thicker) clothing to protect you from the elements, having good adjustment in not only the waist belt but also in adjustable leg loops makes for a much more comfortable experience.  This can also help with getting your harness on over bulky winter boots potentially with crampons on. Most harnesses also feature a droppable or detachable elastic or webbing strap connecting the back of the leg loops to the back of the waistbelt -  makes keeping your harness on (and therefore safe) while using the drop-seat of trousers or sallopettes when nature calls in grim situations...

It takes longer to get places in winter so you might end up carrying your harness for longer than you would in warmer conditions, you may also be wearing and walking the harness for extended periods.  A smaller profile, pack size and lower weight in dedicated winter harnesses can be achieved by sacrificing padding - you will be wearing thicker and more clothes anyway...  Less padding also has the benefit of having less material to absorb water which is then less water to freeze - more weight saved!

Many winter harnesses also have additional attachment points for special carabiners such as the DMM Vault or the Petzl Caritool - designed primarily for securely holding ice screws

These harnesses can all be used for rock climbing through warmer months but those designed specifically for winter will be a lot less comfortable for hanging belays, abseils and any falls than a padded all-round harness.