Ice Axes

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  • DMM Cirque Ice Axe

    DMM Cirque Ice Axe

    DMM’s classic walking and mountaineering axe with T-rated pick. Was £90.00 Now £72.00
  • DMM Fly Ice Axe

    DMM Fly Ice Axe

    The iconic DMM Fly - all-round climbing axe for walking, mountaineering and ice climbing
  • Petzl Dry Pick

    Petzl Dry Pick

    A replacement pick for Petzl technical climbing axes - designed for dry tooling and extreme ice climbing
  • Petzl V-Link

    Petzl V-Link

    Elastcated loss-preventionm webbing for technical ice axes - go leashless without the possibility of dropping your ice axes out of reach
As with crampons there are numerous choices to be made when looking for a new ice axe, with different tools for different purposes, different lengths, heads, shafts, picks and then personal preference on top it can be quite a challenge.  Ice axes are divided into three main classes though there some that fit between the types;

Walking Axe
As the name suggests this is a tool for winter walking.  Used for extra stability on snow and ice, as a balance aid on steeper ground, for chopping steps into ice and also stopping a slide after a fall.  Traditionally longer shafts have been used as they are easier to use a walking stick but if a fall does occur a shorter shaft is much easier to perform an ice axe arrest with therefore a compromise of between 55cm and 65cm is best. 

Mountaineering / Alpine Axe
Occupying the middle ground between a walking axe and a technical ice tool.  With more curve in the pick than a walking axe yet much straighter 'cleaner' shaft than a technical tool that lends itself better to 'plunging' into snow. 

Technical Ice Axe
Designed for ice climbing these aggressive looking axes have a curved or angled shaft allowing a more effective swing into ice.  The curve can make plunging the spike (handle end) into snow more difficult but daggering (using the full length of the pick) is easier thanks to the increased knuckle clearance. 
Technical axe picks have a reverse curve pick for more precise placements - great for climbing but then makes ice axe arrests trickier.  Some are designed to be used with leashes though many are now 'leashless' - products like the DMM Freedom Leash or the Petzl V-Link a good idea to prevent dropping your tools mid-route.

Shaft and Pick Ratings
Both picks and shafts are either 'B' or 'T' Rated.  Most ice axe shafts these days are T-Rated, this means they will guarantee a minimum strength of 350kg (snow belays, torquing etc).  Picks that are B-Rated tend to be considered 'high performance'  with finer blades - best suited for pure water ice climbing while T-Rated picks are much stronger and will endure mixed climbing (recommended for Scottish and UK ice climbing).