Locking Carabiners

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  • DMM Belay Master 2 Carabiner

    DMM Belay Master 2 Carabiner

    A very safe and strong belay carabiner, ideal for those new to belaying - beginners, groups and centres.
  • DMM Boa Carabiner

    DMM Boa Carabiner

    A large locking carabiner perfect for rigging and use as a central connection point
  • DMM Ceros Carabiner

    DMM Ceros Carabiner

    Minimise the risk of cross-loading your carabiner while belaying with the Ceros directional belay carabiner with an internal wire gate.
  • DMM Phantom Carabiner

    DMM Phantom Carabiner

    Very light, very strong and very usable. DMM's lightest screwgate carabiner with a clean nose, weighing in at only 42g. A fantastic little biner...
  • DMM Rhino Carabiner

    DMM Rhino Carabiner

    Distinctive, strong and compact personal belay carabiner that greatly helps with the correct loading while discouraging twisting and cross loading.
  • DMM Ultra O Locking Carabiner

    DMM Ultra O Locking Carabiner

    The perfect locker for use with pulley systems, swivels and shackles. Ideal for systems where stability under load is critical.
  • Petzl Sm'D Carabiner

    Petzl Sm'D Carabiner

    Feature packed for versatility but lightweight and compact - D-shaped locking carabiner for a variety of climbing situations and uses.
  • Petzl William Carabiner

    Petzl William Carabiner

    A large capacity locking carabiner with an ergonomic pear shape for ease of handling and use even when wearing gloves.