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  • Nikwax Down Proof

    Nikwax Down Proof

    Wash-in waterproofing for down filled clothing and gear. Adds water repellency, revives insulation and breathablilty
  • Nikwax Footwear Cleaning Gel

    Nikwax Footwear Cleaning Gel

    The safe cleaner for all waterproof outdoor and sports footwear - Cleans safely, revitalises breathablity and water repellency
  • Nikwax Tech Wash

    Nikwax Tech Wash

    A soap based cleaner that removes dirt and detergent residues while revitalising water repellency
  • Nikwax Tent and Gear Solar Proof

    Nikwax Tent and Gear Solar Proof

    Adds water repellency and protects against damage caused by the suns rays. Ideal for tents, rucksacks, panniers, awnings and more
  • Nikwax TX Direct

    Nikwax TX Direct

    The worlds No.1 safe, high performance waterproofing for breathable clothing.
Nikwax is the global leader in safe, high performance cleaning, waterproofing and conditioning solutions for outdoor gear.

Award winning solutions are 100% water-based and non-flammable containing no aerosols or fluorocarbons (and never have)