Nikwax Conditioner for Leather

Water based softening and waterproofing conditioner for smooth leather footwear
Great for waterproofing smooth leather footwear in need of softening or breaking in, Nikwax Conditioning for Leather  is a sponge-on waterproofing conditioner for full grain leather that revives breathablity, softens and waterproofs.

Footwear needs to provide support, but also needs to be soft and flexible to maintain comfort. During the manufacturing process leather undergoes a procedure called tanning. This process adds tanning agents to maintain the structure of the leather, enabling it to keep its shape and provide support. Leather is also lubricated to increase suppleness and reduce friction between its fibres. When leather absorbs water, tanning agents and lubricants are lost, which causes the leather to become dry, stiff and prone to splitting. Nikwax Conditioner for Leather will nourish leather with tanning agents and lubricants to keep it in top condition.
Brand Nikwax
Weight 0.15kg