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  • Petzl Adjama Harness

    Petzl Adjama Harness

    A high performance climbing harness with adjustable leg loops. Perfect for the climber who wants a single harness for all styles of climbing
  • Petzl Altitude Harness

    Petzl Altitude Harness

    Ultra-lightweight (LESS THAN 200 GRAMS!) mountaineering/ski harness that can be donned with feat on the ground (or skis)
  • Petzl Ange Finesse Quickdraw

    Petzl Ange Finesse Quickdraw

    Ultralight wire gate carabiners combined with 10mm Dyneema webbing to offer a climbing quickdraws with excellent strength to weight ratios
  • Petzl Ange L Carabiner

    Petzl Ange L Carabiner

    Functional size, optimised clipping - only 34 grams. A wire gate carabiner for all lightweight rock climbing or fast and light alpine enthusiasts
  • Petzl Ange S Carabiner

    Petzl Ange S Carabiner

    Ultralight clean nosed carabiner, distinctive Petzl MonoFil Keylock gate. Fast, light and compact for those looking to save grams and space
  • Petzl Boreo

    Petzl Boreo

    A hard outer shell with a foam liner for a strong, compact helmet with good head covering protection
  • Petzl Bug Routesack

    Petzl Bug Routesack

    Great little backpack for single-day multi-pitch climbing - low bulk with a high position allowing an unobstructed carrying solution while climbing
  • Petzl Canyon Harness

    Petzl Canyon Harness

    Canyoning harness with padded waistbelt and replaceable protective seat
  • Petzl Caritool

    Petzl Caritool

    Increase gear carrying options - a great accessory for mountaineering, ice climbing and long routes, will even hold your ice axes for you!
  • Petzl Caritool Evo

    Petzl Caritool Evo

    An updated design, the Caritool Evo can be attached to any harness. A universal holder for ice screws and ice axes.
  • Petzl Corax Harness

    Petzl Corax Harness

    A great entry to intermediate level harness that performs well across a fantastic range of vertically challenging pursuits from rock climbing to via ferrata
  • Petzl Core Battery

    Petzl Core Battery

    Rechargeable battery compatible with Petzl Hybrid Headlamps. Primary power for your headtorch or a fantastic spare for no AAA areas
  • Petzl Dry Pick

    Petzl Dry Pick

    A replacement pick for Petzl technical climbing axes - designed for dry tooling and extreme ice climbing
  • Petzl e+LITE Headtorch

    Petzl e+LITE Headtorch

    Ultra compact emergency headlamp that no emergency kit should be without. 50 lumens, weighing only 26 grams - no reason not to carry with you
  • Petzl Elia Helmet

    Petzl Elia Helmet

    Injection moulded ABS shell climbing helmet for maximum durability. Designed specifically for women featuring a unique headband that accommodates pony tails
  • Petzl Fakir Crampon Bag

    Petzl Fakir Crampon Bag

    A PVC / Mesh combo for a carrying bag for crampons - protects your other kit from the points...
  • Petzl GRIGRI +

    Petzl GRIGRI +

    GRIGRI evolution - Assisted braking belay device for all single rope featuring steel reinforcement in high wear areas and anti-panic handle
  • Petzl Hirundos Harness

    Petzl Hirundos Harness

    A high-end lightweight yet comfortable harness designed for performance climbing. Ideal for hard climbing on rock and ice
  • Petzl Irvis Crampons

    Petzl Irvis Crampons

    Lightweight 10 Point Crampons with anti-balling for ski-touring, glacier travel and easy winter walking.
  • Petzl Laser Speed Ice Screw

    Petzl Laser Speed Ice Screw

    Quick and easy screwing in any conditions with this steel, colour coded performance ice screw with integrated crank
  • Petzl Luna Harness

    Petzl Luna Harness

    A high performance specific climbing harness with adjustable leg loops. Perfect for the climber who wants a single harness for all styles of climbing
  • Petzl Mambo 10.1mm Rope

    Petzl Mambo 10.1mm Rope

    10.1mm diameter single rope for indoor wall or crag climbing. Thick sheath and UltraSonic Finish for extra durability - a great workhorse
  • Petzl Meteor Helmet

    Petzl Meteor Helmet

    2019 UPDATE! The iconic Petzl helmet for year round performance performance - now rated for ski mountaineering
  • Petzl Myo Headtorch

    Petzl Myo Headtorch

    Powerful multi-beam headlamp intended for endurance-orientated outdoor activities. 280 lumens in maximum mode 370 lumens in boost mode
  • Petzl Nimbo Pad

    Petzl Nimbo Pad

    A back-up bouldering mat perfect for sit-starts and bridging between two crash pads. Fits inside your main crash pad
  • Petzl Noctilight Headlamp Case

    Petzl Noctilight Headlamp Case

    Protective carrying case for Petzl's compact headlamps. Hanging cord enables hanging - Diffuses light into lantern mode.
  • Petzl Panga Helmet (4 Pack)

    Petzl Panga Helmet (4 Pack)

    A well featured centre style helmet. A one size fits all design, feature packed with a focus on ease of use and durability for an extended lifetime
  • Petzl Rumba 8mm Rope

    Petzl Rumba 8mm Rope

    A well balanced half rope for climbing all year round. 8.0mm diameter with Duratec Dry treatment for great handling and durability.
  • Petzl Sarken Crampons

    Petzl Sarken Crampons

    Technical mountaineering 14 point crampons with T-shaped front points. Ideal for Scottish winter climbing through mixed terrain and onto the ice
  • Petzl Sarken Front Section

    Petzl Sarken Front Section

    Compatible with all Petzl crampons - Petzl Sarken front section as a replacement or to transform crampons into technical mountaineering crampons
  • Petzl Sirocco Helmet

    Petzl Sirocco Helmet

    Ultra-lightweight climbing and mountaineering helmet with reinforced protection, excellent ventilation and maximum comfort
  • Petzl Sitta Harness

    Petzl Sitta Harness

    A high-end, ultralight and compact yet comfortable performance rock climbing and mountaineering harness for experienced users.
  • Petzl Sm'D Carabiner

    Petzl Sm'D Carabiner

    Feature packed for versatility but lightweight and compact - D-shaped locking carabiner for a variety of climbing situations and uses.
  • Petzl Summit Evo Ice Axe

    Petzl Summit Evo Ice Axe

    A modern lightweight technical ice axe for classic mountaineering. A curved shaft for steeper terrain with a hot forged steel head
  • Petzl Tikka Headtorch

    Petzl Tikka Headtorch

    Compact and lightweight with a 200 lumen output and a long burn time, a simple to use headtorch ideal for camping and trekking
  • Petzl V-Link

    Petzl V-Link

    Elastcated loss-preventionm webbing for technical ice axes - go leashless without the possibility of dropping your ice axes out of reach
  • Petzl Vasak Crampons

    Petzl Vasak Crampons

    With a thinner frame comes a lighter 12 point crampon for classic winter mountaineering, a great all round crampon for winter walking
  • Petzl Vasak Front Section

    Petzl Vasak Front Section

    Compatible with all Petzl crampons - Petzl Vasak front section as a replacement or to transform crampons into classic mountaineering crampons
  • Petzl Volta 9.2mm Rope

    Petzl Volta 9.2mm Rope

    Multi-type, triple rated, ultra-light 9.2 mm diameter dynamic climbing rope for classic mountaineering and elite climbing performance
  • Petzl William Carabiner

    Petzl William Carabiner

    A large capacity locking carabiner with an ergonomic pear shape for ease of handling and use even when wearing gloves.
Petzl's roots lie in the desire of its founders to serve one passion - exploration.  Since its beginnings in caving, the company's mission has remained constant: to offer practical solutions that allow people to progress.  Today that pioneering spirit, passion for exploration and ethic have not changed.  More than forty years later, Petzl continues to invent products and solutions that allow sports enthusiasts and professionals to access some of the most inaccessible places day and night.