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  • DMM Couloir 8.0mm Rope

    DMM Couloir 8.0mm Rope

    Lightweight half ropes for trad climbing and winter mountaineering. Dry treated for improved life, exceptional water repellency and abrasion resistance
  • DMM Crux 9.1mm Rope

    DMM Crux 9.1mm Rope

    Triple certificatied, dry treated rope for use in any climbing environment. A low weight, superb handling and top flight performance for hard red points and long alpine routes
  • DMM Orbit 9.6mm Rope

    DMM Orbit 9.6mm Rope

    Looking for one dynamic single rope to use on everything? Look no further than the Orbit 9.6mm. ThermoControl and Dry treated for year round use
  • DMM Pitch 8.5mm Rope

    DMM Pitch 8.5mm Rope

    Half ropes for all year round climbing from damp sea cliffs to Himalayan peaks. Light and supple for great handling but also durable for increased life span
  • Mammut 8.5mm Genesis Half rope

    Mammut 8.5mm Genesis Half rope

    Dry treated half ropes for alpine style climbing on demanding rock and ice routes. Also suitable for classic glacier travel.
  • Petzl Rumba 8mm Rope

    Petzl Rumba 8mm Rope

    A well balanced half rope for climbing all year round. 8.0mm diameter with Duratec Dry treatment for great handling and durability.
  • Petzl Volta 9.2mm Rope

    Petzl Volta 9.2mm Rope

    Multi-type, triple rated, ultra-light 9.2 mm diameter dynamic climbing rope for classic mountaineering and elite climbing performance