S&C Dunkeld

Strength training develops lean muscle mass. Using your muscles doesn't just make them stronger, they’re metabolically expensive so you burn more calories even at rest. Pretty good at addressing muscular aches and pains and improving postural stamina as an added bonus.

Effective training is quite an individual thing, it depends on your sex, age, experience, occupation, injury history, genetics, and a bunch of other things like your beliefs about your body, your capabilities and your goals.


With self-isolation and subsequent enforced isolation, where possible, our strength and conditioning services are now online via video streaming and conferencing apps.  We are conscious that lack access to equipment will be an issue so our online classes and group sessions will require either minimal or no equipment.

Sessions are live and interactive - more sociable, breaking up our solitary confinement

Strength and conditioning online

Zooming tips

Try to have the room not too bright and not too dark. Try closing curtains and using the ceiling light.

You may have to mute your device, otherwise the screen goes to whoever is making noise rather than me. You can un-mute for questions and we can have a chat at the end.

Place camera/device in a position where you can be seen in full, I tend to use landscape orientation with the camera pointing at me from about knee height, have a play with it before joining the class if you can

Streaming video rinses your battery, have a charger handy

Wear comfortable clothes you can move in easily, ideally clothes that contrast with your background - it helps to see you better.

Hydrate before the class and have water nearby