Strength & Conditioning

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Strength and conditioning is essentially physical preparation. Even if you do a lot of one kind of exercise, running or cycling for example, you will likely benefit from adding a different type of training to complement your preferred sport. Effective training is quite an individual thing, it depends on your sex, age, experience, occupation, injury history, genetics, and a bunch of other things like your beliefs about your body, your capabilities and your goals. With this at the forefront of strength and conditioning, the benefits of structured exercise include:
  • Maintaining a healthy body weight
  • Optimising muscular strength and power
  • Improving useful flexibility
  • Build aerobic / anaerobic endurance
  • Reduce risk of some types of injury
  • Decrease stress

What we offer

Located in Perthshire, we serve Dunkeld and surrounding areas, though visitors and those from further afield are also warmly welcomed. We are developing a variety of different services, including bespoke individual training, training with friends, and group exercise with a common aim. Safety is paramount, technique is coached as appropriate and your individual needs are discussed and agreed prior to taking part.

Physiological and performance testing

Testing is a good way to identify strengths and weaknesses, monitor progress, and offer incentive to train. We have a variety of testing equipment and methods to suit most sports and individuals.