Strength and Conditioning Dunkeld

Strength and conditioning is essentially physical preparation. Even if you do a lot of one kind of exercise, running or cycling for example, you will likely benefit from adding a different type of training to complement your preferred sport.
Effective training is quite an individual thing, it depends on your sex, age, experience, occupation, injury history, genetics, and a bunch of other things like your beliefs about your body, your capabilities and your goals.

Located in Perthshire, we serve Dunkeld and its surrounding areas, though visitors and those from further out are also warmly welcomed.

Created to help advance you towards your goals, boosting performance in your preferred sport or exercise activity.

Our bespoke training plans begin with a thorough health and lifestyle consultation alongside a pre-testing programme.  Weekly monitoring and open lines of communication allow for adjustments as required.  Plans will be directed by your needs and ability to fit your lifestyle for maximum sustainability.  

It is recommended that post-testing is carried out a week or so after the training plan has been completed, to monitor progress and direct further training.  The same tests are carried out, in as close to the same conditions as possible.

You may wish to book another training plan, or you may have the confidence to go it alone - no hard sell, and we will always do our best to answer questions.

Strength and Conditioning Coached SessionsIf your looking for a little extra help to ensure good technique and provide some extra motivation or if you don't have much equipment and want to use ours - we can provide 45 minute coached sessions to inspire, correct and encourage throughout your training plan.

Training for an event with a friend?  Each with your own training plan, coached sessions can be carried out together.

Coached sessions for personalised training plans availability is limited - book a consultation now to avoid missing out!

Strength and conditioning addresses performance discrepancies and guides training, making your training sessions more effective, focused and efficient. 
Assessment of the occupation, activity or sport, guides workshop content so you and your group can improve and excel in what you do.

Our workshops will cover:
  • Performance testing
  • Assessing movement, balance and injury risk
  • Interpretation of results and how to structure training for your objective
  • Resistance training basics
  • High intensity interval training, sprints and speed work
  • Plyometrics
  • Pain and injury
  • Recovery strategies
Testing sheets for recording results from the performance and movement assessments will be provided allowing a training plan to be filled in according to results.