Strength and conditioning is essentially physical preparation. Even if you do a lot of one kind of exercise, running or cycling for example, you will likely benefit from adding a different type of training to complement your preferred sport.

Effective training is quite an individual thing, it depends on your sex, age, experience, occupation, injury history, genetics, and a bunch of other things like your beliefs about your body, your capabilities and your goals.

With this at the forefront of strength and conditioning, the benefits of this kind of structured exercise include:

What We Offer

Located in Perthshire, we serve Dunkeld and surrounding areas, though visitors and those from further afield are also warmly welcomed.

We are developing a variety of different services, including bespoke individual training, training with friends, and group exercise with a common aim. Safety is paramount, technique is coached as appropriate and your individual needs are discussed and agreed prior to taking part.

Physiological and performance testing

Testing is a good way to identify strengths and weaknesses, monitor progress, and offer incentive to train. We have a variety of testing equipment and methods to suit most sports and individuals.


S & C Personalised Training Plan

Depending on your goal and preferred sport or exercise, pre-testing may use VO2max prediction, blood lactate testing, jump mat, sprint timing, rep max, or a combination of these. The results, along with a thorough consultation about your health and lifestyle, will guide the design of the training plan.

Weekly monitoring then takes place through either email, phone call, or in person, with adjustments to the plan as required.

If you would like a little extra help to ensure good technique and extra motivation or you don’t have much equipment and want to use ours - we can provide coached sessions throughout the training plan that can be booked at £25 per session (usually 45 min).

It is recommended that post-testing is carried out a week or so after the training plan has been completed, to monitor progress and direct further training. The same tests are carried out, in as close to the same conditions as possible. After this you may wish to book another 6-week training plan, or you may have the confidence to go it alone. No hard sell, and we’ll always do our best to answer questions.

Are you training for an event with a friend? No problem, you both get an individual training plan, but with the coached sessions carried out together.

To ensure consistent and high-quality coaching, availability is limited for training plans, so don’t miss out and book a consultation now.

Strength and Conditioning Workshops

S&C addresses performance discrepancies and guides training, making your training sessions more effective, focused and efficient.

Our workshops will cover;

You will receive test sheets for recording your results from the performance and movement assessments, and a blank 6-week training plan which can be filled in according to your results.


Training and a Massage

A structured training session followed by a massage can be a great combination to address the stressors of everyday life, or to work on a specific goal or rehab beyond your physio exercises.

An initial consultation establishes your goals and any issues or concerns you may have. We then tailor a training session, either resistance, flexibility and mobility, plyometric, or a combination and follow it with a Sports or Swedish massage. You will get a digital copy of the session exercises for you to follow during your gym or home training sessions. We can also video you to ensure good form.

This service may appeal to those who need a little encouragement and guidance with exercise. Many people are not sure how to perform strength exercises, or worry about getting it wrong and injuring themselves, or just don’t know where to start. These people may also like a massage as a reward for their efforts.