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  • Crux X1 Assault Tent

    Crux X1 Assault Tent

    A single skin tent for all mountains at all altitudes. Featuring an external porch for a sheltered entrance and a small cooking area
  • Crux X1 Strike Tent

    Crux X1 Strike Tent

    A two person single skin tent performing as it should for lightweight excursions from the highest peaks down to sea level
  • Crux X2 Bomb Tent

    Crux X2 Bomb Tent

    A 2 person, 4 pole geodesic design with an extended porch supported by a 5th pole. Light and exceptionally strong for challenging mountain environments
  • Crux X3 Bunker Tent

    Crux X3 Bunker Tent

    The largest tent in the Crux range, a strong built-to-endure mountain tent for full weather protection in the harshest of conditions
  • Lightwave G20 Trek Tent

    Lightwave G20 Trek Tent

    Not the lightest, nor the toughest yet striking the optimum balance between all these end-user requirements, forming the backbone of the Lightwave tent range.
  • Lightwave T20 Trail Tent

    Lightwave T20 Trail Tent

    2 person tunnel tent with an excellent balance of strength to weight ratio for an affordable yet durable 4 season tent
Rest your weary head, wake up in fantastic locations!  Our range of tents and shelters will allow you to get a dry nights sleep in the most remote of places.  We are constantly expanding the spectrum of tents offered to include more 2 person and 3 person tents, geodesic mountain tents for maximum strength in the harshest conditions, tunnel tents for increased interior space for both your kit and you.  For more minimalist fast and light adventurers, a ultra-lightweight tent or a bivi bag might be the thing for you.  Whatever your requirement, get in touch for options and advice.