Massage in Dunkeld

Our treatments are provided by fully qualified therapists with your best interests being of primary importance.  An adequate consultation will be conducted and any information will be treated with the strictest confidence. 

Book in for any treatment and you will get a friendly and informative session with no bold claims or false promises, and we hope you'll leave with a spring in your step.
We keep up to date with the latest research and techniques but our bottom line is to connect to you as a person - We are technically all made of meat, but nobody likes to be thought of that way.  Got back pain?  We'll treat you, the wondrous person that you are, not just the sore back.

We believe that the benefits of a visit to us shouldn't break the bank, we represent great value for money because we appreciate there are endless other things to spend money on and sometimes your own well being gets pushed down the list.



Swedish Massage
A gentle, mellow and relaxing massage for the full body and/or specific areas of tension
Swedish Massage can reduce stress, relieve aches and is thought to promote circulation, re-hydrate tissues and improve delivery of nutrients and oxygen to tired muscles.


Remedial & Sports Massage
A deeper soft tissue massage that targets specific aches, pains and areas of tension.  Not just for sports people, it can help relieve the symptoms of many pain conditions and injuries.
It can assist with decreasing muscular tension, increased perceived recovery from activity, improve aching muscles and offer relief from RSI, tendon pain and muscular strain.


About Pain Sessions
There is strong evidence that knowing why you hurt is helpful in the management of and recovery from painful injuries and conditions.
An About Pain one-to-one session does not involve any manual therapy but is an exploration of your pain; what worsens it, what eases it, and also practical and creative ways of dealing with it.
Suitable for any pain sufferer or their loved ones, these sessions are designed to provide education about how pain works, teh factors that contribute to the experience of pain, how to identify pain triggers and strategies for change.
Group sessions are also available.


For more information or to book an appointment
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