Life is a journey. Or is it a metaphor? No matter, you're here now. The Therapy Room at In Situ Climbing in Dunkeld was established by Alison in July 2016.  She wanted a place which offered relaxation to the weary traveller, respite to the pain sufferer and a pick me up for the disillusioned. We think that The Therapy Room does just that. It has grown from "just" offering massage to offering different kinds of massage, Swedish, Remedial and Sports, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, and now we have Bowen Technique too.
There is a definite flavour of self-management in the follow up advice. Grounded in a thorough understanding of exercise physiology, pain science and human interaction, we can figure out together a strategy to manage your stressors. If you want to take it a step further, a complete training plan can be designed specifically to your needs, whether sporting, recreational, or occupational. Then there is About Pain, based on a revolution in pain science for the understanding of why things hurt and what you can do about it. Book in for any treatment and you'll get a friendly and informative session, no bold claims or false promises and we hope you'll leave with a spring in your step.
Our Promise
Treatments will be provided by fully qualified therapists with your best interests being of primary importance. An adequate consultation will be conducted and any information you give will be treated with the strictest confidence

What We Ask of You

It would be great if you could arrive on time and appropriately dressed, if it's your lower body we're working on then shorts would be bomber. We know it's easy to forget things, like breaking your leg in the far distant past, but it is helpful to let us know anything that may be relevant. Details of any medication would fall under this category!

We do get very busy - If you can't attend your appointment please give us as much notice as possible, there is a £25 late cancellation fee.
Our Philosophy

We keep up to date with the latest research and techniques but our bottom line is to connect with you as a person. Technically we are all made out of meat but nobody likes to be thought of that way. Got back pain? We'll treat you, the wondrous human that you are, not just the sore back. It's what we do.

We also believe that the benefits of a visit to us shouldn't break the bank, we represent great value for money because we appreciate there are endless other things to spend money on and sometimes your own well being gets pushed down the list.

Book in for any treatment and you will get a friendly and informative session with no bold claims or false promises, and we hope you'll leave with a spring in your step.

To book call 01350 727 173 or email us at
Swedish Massage   
45 Min - £26  |  60 Min - £32  |  90 Min - £45

An overall gentle massage for back, neck and shoulders, lower back and legs or full body.  Mellow and relaxing, Swedish Massage reduces stress and is thought to promote circulation, re-hydrate tissues and improve delivery of nutrients and oxygen to tired muscles.  It can help to relieve aches and pains, lower blood pressure, and reduce muscular tension.

Remedial and Sports Massage   
45 Min - £26  |  60 Min - £32  |  90 Min - £45

A deeper form of soft tissue massage which targets specific aches, pains and areas
of tension.  Not just for sports people, it can also help to relieve the symptoms of
many pain conditions and injuries.  It can decrease muscular tension, increase
perceived recovery from activity, improve aching muscles, and offer relief from RSI, tendon pain (eg tennis/golfers elbow) and muscular strain.
Manual Lymphatic Drainage   
45 Min - £26  |  60 Min - £32

A soft touch, rhythmic massage primarily for reducing swelling and stimulating lymphatic circulation.  Particularly useful for treating lymphoedema, swelling from bone fractures or ligament sprain and post surgery.  It can also be enjoyed as a more general relaxation treatment for persistent pain conditions such as CFS and fibromyalgia for which a deeper pressure is uncomfortable.

Bowen Technique with Izzie Cambell   
Contact Us For Details

Clients may find Bowen helpful with muscular-skeletal pain (sports injuries or other unknown), managing stress, anxiety, respiratory, digestive, urinary, lymphatic and hormonal issues. Bowen is suitable for all ages and stages of life.

Bowen is a hands on therapy that works with your body to promote balancing and healing. Muscular-skeletally, your body is not just a pile of bones stacked on top of each other, it is held by a series of tensions within the soft tissue. Problems can occur through accidents but pain can also creep into people’s lives without an obvious culprit. The culprit is often gravity – the body naturally compensates to manage an imbalance which works for a while until the imbalance is no longer sustainable pain free.

Each session builds on the last, so for many conditions it is recommended to have two or three sessions initially, ideally five to ten days apart. Sessions times vary but usually around 45 minutes.

About Pain   
One to one 1 Hour Session - £32     

There is strong evidence that knowing why you hurt is helpful in the management of and recovery from painful injuries and conditions.  About Pain does not involve any manual therapy but is an exploration of your pain; what worsens it, what eases it, and also practical and creative ways of dealing with it.

Suitable for any pain sufferer or their loved ones, these sessions are designed to provide education and understanding about how pain works, the many factors which contribute to the experience of pain, how to identify pain triggers and strategies for change.  
To book call 01350 727 173 or email us at

Alison has an interesting and varied career history from a brief stint in the forces a lifetime ago, to equine groom, postie, children's outdoor activity instructor, drystane dyker and tipi builder. 

A lengthy past of sports (and some non sports) injuries piqued an interest in rehabilitation and pain reduction. She is qualified in Remedial and Sports massage as well as Swedish massage, manual lymphatic drainage, and sports taping. Through an interest in pain and it's impact she has also completed several pain education related courses to deepen her understanding and address misunderstandings about tissue damage and pain.

Experienced both in clinic and events massage, as well as work with sports teams she has an interest in everything health, fitness, and well being

Motivated by the many questions asked about the why's and how's of the human body, she is also studying for a Sport and Exercise degree, full time at Abertay University in Dundee. Upon completion she intends to add Strength and Conditioning to the range of services on offer, not just for the sporty but also for those with persistent niggles or muscular issues from living life. She believes in a person centred perspective, not just focusing on the structure of the body but also on a persons individual experiences and how they affect the body.

In her free time Alison mostly likes to climb rocks and run trails. She also likes to hang out with James and Rockstar (the terrier) in the shop. She probably drinks too much coffee.