Trad Climbing

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  • DMM  Wallnuts

    DMM Wallnuts

    A great foundation for any leader placed protection climbing rack. Lightweight and feature packed for protection on all rock types through summer and winter
  • DMM Alpha Trad Carabiner

    DMM Alpha Trad Carabiner

    A full size carabiner with leader placed protection in mind. Fumble free, easy to use, anti-snag carabiner for traditional rock climbing
  • DMM Pitch 8.5mm Rope

    DMM Pitch 8.5mm Rope

    Half ropes for all year round climbing from damp sea cliffs to Himalayan peaks. Light and supple for great handling but also durable for increased life span
  • Petzl Adjama Harness

    Petzl Adjama Harness

    A high performance climbing harness with adjustable leg loops. Perfect for the climber who wants a single harness for all styles of climbing
  • Scarpa Maestro

    Scarpa Maestro

    The Maestro has a straight and slightly downturned shape with a medium-to-low angled toe box. It’s designed for multi-pitch and big wall climbing.
Trad Climbing at Upper Cave Crag, Dunkeld Scotland

Trad is rad!  Adventurous climbing delivering unrivalled freedom on a rock journey from bottom to the top.  It’s physical and mental challenges, once overcome will grant you access to some incredible places, views and an enduring sense of accomplishment.   

A style of rock climbing where the lead climber, while ascending places gear or equipment known as protection (also known as ‘pro’) in cracks and faults within the rock to protect against falls.  The second climber ‘cleans’ or removes the gear as they are climb.

From single pitch roadside cragging to remote mountain multi-pitch climbs, we have all the equipment you need to get out on the rock.  stock complete size ranges of active and passive protection including nuts, cams, hexes and slings, a varied collection of carabiners and quickdraws suitable for all climbing disciplines.  Rope, helmets and harnesses for trad climbing are all also curated here for you.